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Marketing Automation - Buy or Build: Which is Best?

marketing automation software resized 600

Even though there's a rapidly growing list of marketing automation platforms available for businesses to streamline and automate their marketing processes, there is a sizable contingent of business owners who prefer to assemble and integrate their own solutions. Why would a business take the "build a solution" approach to one of "buying an all-in-one solution"? Let's take a look at some of the key factors involved. 

Is Blogging All I Need for My Content Marketing Efforts?

blogging and content plan resized 600

Getting agreement from company leadership and marketing departments that blogging is essential to educating prospects and to driving site traffic is still a difficult sell. Even more difficult, once that sale is made, is getting fully committed buy-in from the top down to help infuse the value of blog content inside the company. 

What's The Right Price for Inbound Marketing Services?

right price for inbound marketing service

One of the more challenging aspects of finding the right inbound marketing support is determining the right price for the services delivered. Whether those services are delivered by a fully-staffed agency or by a consultant, there is significant price variation in the marketplace. 

Outsourcing vs. Insourcing Your Blog - Which is Better?

outsourcing your blog

There's a healthy amount of debate on the merits of outsourcing company blog writing versus insourcing it. Insourcing is just another way of stating that you'll either utilize existing internal resources or develop new ones to handle the execution of blog writing.

Does HubSpot Work for Small and Midsize Businesses?

marketing automation choices

There's a lot of confusion in the marketplace about which marketing automation tools are best suited to small and midsized businesses.  A big part of the confusion is attributable to the growing array of choices available. Another contributor is the lack of a proper evaluation framework with which to determine best fit.                                   

Who is my competition in inbound marketing?

Inbound competition resized 600

The subject of competition in inbound marketing has been popping up more frequently in recent discussions. As you'd expect, there are a wide range of viewpoints on this topic - from "there's so much competition it's getting harder to achieve success" to "we don't really have any competition". 

10 Things to Consider Before Embracing Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing considerations resized 600

Getting inbound marketing to work for your business takes an ongoing commitment to executing its key elements consistently. What's often overlooked is the preparatory process before the initial commitment. To get the most out of your inbound marketing efforts in the fastest amount of time, you'll benefit from thinking through the following issues. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should serve to provide the momentum to develop a solid plan.

Will Blogging Really Help Your Business Grow?

Blogging Traffic resized 600

Whenever I'm out and about and someone discovers what I do for a living, it's inevitable that the subject of blogging will come up (I'll bring it up if they don't!). If I were to distill the range of questions about blogging to a simple, recurring query - it would be: What's the deal with blogging?

Five Reasons You Shouldn't Do Inbound Marketing

inbound skier

When our two boys were in grade school, my wife and I decided we wanted them to learn how to ski. Our logic was based on the premise that early and frequent training would get them to a level of proficiency that allowed them to really enjoy the sport.

The Anatomy of an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Inbound Campaign Flow Basic resized 600

In executing inbound marketing campaigns, there's a process and flow to follow in order for them to be successful. For many business owners, it can be difficult to understand what elements should be in a campaign and how these elements should be linked together in the optimal sequence.

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